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Chief of Staff
When I met Katie, I instantly knew that I wanted to work under a strong and hard-working woman like her. I had a background in assisting top producing agents and I graciously accepted the opportunity to be Katie's Chief of Staff. I have learned more about the world of real estate than I thought possible, the knowledge and experience I've gained working at Corcoran Realty & Co. are unparalleled.
Working as Chief of Staff at Corcoran Realty & Co. gives me the opportunity to grow with a great company while making lasting relationships with our amazing clients. At CRC we strive to be as personable, relatable, and understanding as possible in a sometimes cold and business-driven field. When I am not working I am either at the gym, or I am spending time with my daughter, Sonni, and our 3 dogs, Remy, Nora, and Berry. 
Cali Buchino is Katie's personal assistant, administrative manager, and sales exec at Corcoran Realty & Co. She is well adept at multitasking and organization. Cali keeps a keen eye on the schedule and e-mails, while simultaneously providing top-notch service to her clients.

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